Squash Quince and Stilton Quiche
Artichoke tapenade

mollet eggs florentine (foolproof)
mushroom and pea farrotto
savory pate choux gougere
squash quince and stilton quiche
tomato tart goat cheese herb salad

brandade salt cod au gratin
halibut on polenta with pepper oil
lemon sole with burnt butter, nori and fried capers
lobster, fennel and grilled grape salad
lobster rolls with herb aïoli
mussels with verjus / white wine mustard sauce
pan-fried snapper with fennel and salsa verde
salmon curry
scallops and peas
shrimp with green chile adobo
soft-shell crabs with curry butter
steamed scallops on spinach with walnut
tuna ceviche with coconut and soy
whole bronzino with pine nuts and lemon

duck (or any meat) parmentier
pan-seared duck breasts in red-wine balsamic sauce
poussins (or cornish hen) à la russe 
squab with burnt miso butterscotch and pomegranate salsa
zuni cafe chicken

belgian beef stew with beer and spice bread
grilled harissa rack of lamb with summer succotash
ribeye steak with green beans & roasted tomato vinaigrette & chili gorgonzola butter
sausage and potato packet

Squab with burnt miso butterscotch
Whole Branzino with Pine Nuts and Lemon
Whole Roasted Cauliflower
Black and Red Salad

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