New Noteworthy Books 2016:
Dorie's Cookies 

Breaking Breads 
The Elements of Pizza 

Books to Cook, to Keep and Learn from:
  1. Baking Bible 
  2. Baking with Julia 
  3. Baking Chez Moi 
  4. Bouchon Bakery 
  5. Bread  An essential A-Z book to really learning all bread-making basics.
  6. Bread Baker's Apprentice 
  7. Bread Revolution 
  8. Culinary Intelligence 
  9. Flatbreads & Flavors 
  10. Flour Water Salt Yeast 
  11. In the Green Kitchen 
  12. Modernist Cuisine at Home 
  13. My Paris Kitchen 
  14. My pizza: Easy no knead way 
  15. Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef 
  16. Nopi 
  17. On Food and Cooking 
  18. Plenty 
  19. Plenty More 
  20. Ratio 
  21. Sea Gastronomy 
  22. Tartine Bread   No page is left unturned in this book.
  23. Tartine No. 3 
  24. The Flavor Bible 
  25. Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide 
  26. Vegetable Literacy 
 27. The Breakfast Book (perfect gift for a bride) 

Community Food Bank
Cycle for Survival
Friends of Cooper Gristmill
Habitat for Humanity
No Kid Hungry

Pasta Machine -

Sous Vide - Lastest must have for food geeks -

Julienne Peeler -

Vitamix - Plus the dry container to turn grains into flours -
              and seeds into powder -

Dutch oven - To bake crusty bread: dough on the lid, invert the pan to cover it for a steam oven effect -

Silicone mat - Indispensable for baking delicate cookies. I use them for roasting vegetables too.

JB Prince
Le Creuset
Sur la Table

Bob's Red Mill - Hard to find grains.
D'Artagnan - Duck, small bird, truffle butter, french beans. They cater to chefs and homecooks.
Ippodo Tea NYC - My source for matcha, sencha from Kyoto, Japan.
King Arthur Flour - I use their all-purpose flour and bread flour almost exclusively.

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