"My Paris Kitchen"

by David Lebovitz

It must be the fall of 2015 when I read through David Lebovitz's latest cookbook, My Paris Kitchen, cover to cover, captivated by the stories and culinary scenes in Paris. My biggest wish would be to cook and taste all these wonderful dishes someday. I got my wish. I was overjoyed to find out the online cooking group CooktheBookFridays has started a project to do just that. Not only could I get through all the recipes in the book with ease and camaraderie, cooking along with other home cooks virtually from around the world makes it truly an adventure all its own. It may take years to complete; I'll whip out one recipe at a time, putting my own personal touches on each, as David has suggested:

“Recipes are guidelines, starting points for cooks to diverge from. Take them in your own personal direction.”

Appetizers (Mis-en-Bouche)
Main courses (Plats)
Sides (Accompagnements)
Butternut Squash Crumble

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