My Living Pantry

"A well-stocked pantry helps you think creatively about how to feed yourself, and anyone who happens to be with you, a thoughtfully prepared, flavorful, and wholesome meal, without expanding very much time or effort." ~ Alice Waters
A pantry lined with all the frequently-used items make for a conscious, environmentally sound practice, reduce food cost and waste while making it joyful and efficient to work and play in the kitchen. Stashes of certain home-made spice mixes, condiments and preserves add flavorings, character and embellishments to any dish you put on the table. I decided to put up a separate pantry page to make it easier to reference these indispensable recipes or formulas. Editing the line-up on this page as time goes on also helps to determine what's the essential building blocks to my style of cooking and baking. This is not going to be an exhaustive display of pantry items, but a pared downed, nutritious, evolving and short list of recipes intended for simple healthful living.

Sauces, Spice & Condiments

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